What We Transport

All care is taken to transport your recreational vehicle including caravans, camper trailers, motorhomes, boats, jet skis and golf carts with our specialised equipment. We are able to transport to any location within Tasmania and interstate.

Boats and Jet Skis

We can transport boats up to 7m long and any size jet skis on our trucks. Any boats longer than 7m are able to be towed. This measurement is taken from the front of the trailer draw bar to the very end of the boat, including the motor. When transporting boats we ensure the boat is properly secured on its trailer and all tie downs are firmly attached. We then secure the trailer on our truck by strapping the wheels, axles and drawbar so as the boat trailer is riding on its own suspension, to avoid damage.

Caravans and Motorhomes

Caravans are transported on our trucks or depending on the size towed with one of our trucks. We can transport new and used and even damaged caravans. We are able to transport both drivable and non drivable motorhomes with ease. We provide transport services around Tasmania for Wicked Campers.

Golf Carts and Buggies

Yes we even move golf carts and buggies. Two of the more common types of buggies we transport with ease are Honda Pioneers and John Deere Gators which are becoming more popular with farmers and recreational users alike.

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Vehicle Transport in Australia

Move your car anywhere in Australia using our wide network of transport and car carrier partners. We pride ourselves on our personalised and safe door to door transport service for all our customers. We are the car carrier you can rely on!

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